Friday, August 31, 2012


nuro : lake

The Tarijan word for lake is nuro. Nuro is an unusual last name. Nuro is a rare masculine first name.

In other languages:
In Amharic (transliterated), which is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia, nuro means life.

International locations:
Nuro is the name of places in the Philippines and Colombia. Nuro is the first part of the name of several places in Pakistan.

How I came up with this word:
Nuro is a mixture of the transliterated word for lake in Russian which is ozero (озеро), and the transliterated word for lake in Mongolian which is nuur (нуур).

In my other conlangs:
The Miresua word for lake is jairä.
The Lhaesine word for lake is daec.